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Building a supportive, global network for women in voice over.


WOMEN IN V.O. launched in the Summer of 2020 amid the Covid-19 pandemic. We strive to provide tools and opportunities for women in their Voice Over careers. Follow us on instagram @womeninvo


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Deadline to sign up is
Tuesday, Nov 15, 2022

Winter Tea Exchange!

This year we are having a fun, new activity for the holiday...A WINTER TEA EXCHANGE! Purchase your favorite tea and send it to your Secret Tea Lover and sip on your tea during our virtual meetup!


It is not mandatory to participate in the Tea Exchange in order to attend the meetup, and it is not mandatory to attend the meetup in order to participate in the Tea Exchange.



Tania Possick
-founder of WOMEN IN VO-

In 2013, I signed with my first ever Voice Over Agent. I knew very little about the industry, but I knew that Voice Over was for me. Are you kidding? A DREAM COME TRUE!  I remember sitting in a tiny corner of my tiny closet with my laptop on my knees, a blanket over my head (we've all been there) and some Apple earbuds. And THAT is how I booked my first national, voice over campaign. Unbelievable! Since then I have voiced countless commercials, industrials, cartoons, and more! 

However, the voice over world can sometimes get lonely! Working in a booth all day long - especially in times of COVID-19- has left me screaming "where are my people???"

So, I decided to create a supportive community of women in voice over and WOMEN IN VO was born! It has been so fun watching it blossom and grow. Every day I am inspired by the powerful and talented ladies in this community! 

WOMEN IN VO started as a way to connect with like-minded women from all over the world. I'm looking forward to connecting with all of you!



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